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Geographical Dictionary
Ancient & Early Medieval India

By N.N. Bhattacharyya
June 1991
Munshiram Publishers
ISBN: 81-215-0078-8
403 p.
$37.50 Cloth

Due to the expansion of Indological researches in various directions in recent years the earlier works on historical geography casesed to serve the desired purpose adequately. Hence the need for a more comprehensive and up to date work was there. The present volume with a vast mass of materials, alphabetically arranged, is apt to meet the requirements of the students and researches of the present generation.

A detailed introduction in the present volume will make the readers acquainted with the source materials. Special emphasis is laid upon the epigraphical and textual references. The geographical terms as found in the literary and epigraphical records have been listed and explained in detail. The author has also included the prehistoric and protohistoric sites and also the sites connected with historical archaeology.

A long list of related inscriptions and an exhaustive bibliography to acquaint the reader with the source material as well as the works done on this branch of study are also provided. The present volume is therefore expected to serve the multidimensional interests of modern scholars working in the field of ancient and early meieval history of India.