Guide to the Butterflies of the
Palearctic Region, Part I: Nymphalidae
Tribe Argynnini: Argynnis, Issoria, Brenthis, Argyreus

By V.K. Tozov
December 2003
Omnes Artes
ISBN: 88-87989-04-4
64 pages, Illustrated, 8 " x 11 "
$129.50 Paper Original

The Palearctic Region is a natural zoogeographic region that includes Europe, Africa north of the Sahara desert, most of the Middle-East, central Asia from the Himalayas to the Arctic Ocean and east to Korea and Japan. The boundaries with the adjacent Afrotropical and Oriental regions are often not well defined and transition areas occur along the southern borders, where elements of the Afrotropical and Oriental fauna fly together with Palearctic species. This guide includes: All the species occurring in the Palearctic region, the species occurring in the transition areas - at an altitude above 2500-3000 meters, the species that - even flying outside the Palearctic or the transition areas - belong to a Palearctic genus. In detail the Palearctic region includes, from west to east: the islands of Azores, Madeira and Canaries, all of Europe, Africa roughly north of the Tropic of Cancer, the Arabian Peninsula north of 26 degrees, Iran, Afghanistan, North and Central Asia, Plateau of Tibet, Yunnan and W. Sichuan, China, north of 34 degrees, and Japan.

Guide to the Butterflies of the Palearctic Region

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