Global Ethic or Global Hegemony
Reflections on Religion, Human
Dignity & Civilisational Interaction

By Chandra Muzaffar
July 2005
Asean Academic Press
ISBN: 1901919501
198 pages, 5 " x 8 "
$22.50 Paper Original

This is an important book. It addresses one of the most critical questions facing humanity today: Is global peace possible without overcoming the challenge of global hegemony? Global hegemony or global dominance and control by an elite class is one of the major direct and indirect causes of contemporary wars and conflicts.

Hegemony explains the war in Iraq and the continuing conflict between Israel and Palestine. It is also responsible for the widening gap between the global rich and the global poor which in turn has given rise to global tensions.

Even the fears of global cultural and intellectual imperialism are related to global hegemony. As long as there is global hegemony, the author argues, a just world in which humanity is held together by shared universal values, principles and standards will remain a mere dream. In other words, global hegemony negates a global ethic.

About the Author: President of the International Movement for a Just World in Malaysia.

Religion & Politics

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