Globalization, Urban Form & Governance
Globalization & Urban Transformation

Edited By M. Carmona & M. Schoonraad
December 2002
Delft University Press
ISBN: 90-407-2372-9
400 pages, Illustrated, 6 x 9 "
$79.50 Paper Original

The IBIS Network is composed by a group of 40 Universities and advanced research centers, consisting of 25 cities in Europe, Latin America, South East Asia and South Africa under current research. The Network is coordinated by the Faculty of Architecture from the Technical University Delft - The Netherlands. The Principle aim of this publication is to further develop a theoretical framework to notions of "Globalization, Urban Form and Governance" and secondly to, to discuss all informational progress obtained through this specific network research program, strengthened by corresponding post-graduate and Ph.D. studies. Issues such as: the relation between the changing macroeconomic conditions and socio-spatial transformations, are further developed from the inherent differentiated world contexts, whilst other issues are focused on the implications of ICT development in the changing social-spatial configuration of regions and cities, spatial impact of the internationalization of Foreign Direct Investments and the leading role of global financial markets. Finally, the issue of "governance" and the changing socio-spatial conditions are addressed to include the possibilities and limitations of managing urban transformation according to social objectives.

Urban Planning
Alfa-Ibis Research Network, Vol. 6

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