Game of Chess
Marco Girolamo Vida's Scacchia Ludus.
With English verse translation & the text of the three
earlier versions edited with Introduction and Notes

Edited by Mario A. Di Cesare
June 1975
HES & DE GRAAF Publishers
ISBN: 9060043359
112 Pages, Illustrated
$97.50 Hardcover

This volume presents the four extant versions of Vida's mythological poem Scacchia Ludus, together with an Introduction and an English verse translation. "Chess researchers are served by the publication of Di Cesare / Vida's work, which is very nearly perfect, a model of scholarship and urbanity... Dr. Di Cesare has the gratitude of all Renaissance scholars ..." (Richard B. O'Keeffe in The Sixteenth Century Journal VIII,3, 1977).

Poetry. Games.
Bibliotheca Humanistica & Reformatorica, Vol. XIII

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