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Future of Orthodontics

Edited By Carine Carels and Guy Willems
Dec. 1998 (Leuven University Press)
ISBN: 90-6186-904-8
281 p. Illustrated
$105.00 Paper Original

A compilation. Essays include: Aberrations in Dental and Facial Structures Reflect Gene Mutations; Impact of Gene Research on the Future of Orthodontics; Cranofacial Neuro-osteology: A Future Discipline in Orthodontics; Craniofacial Teamwork Benefits Both Patients and Providers; The Role of the Orthodontist in Interdisciplinary Education; The Contribution of Experimental Growth Research Orthodontics; Malformation Syndromes: Recent Trends in Medical Genetics; How Can Animal Models Answer Clinical Questions?; A Step Towards the Postempirical Era of Functional Dentofacial Orthopaedics; Dental Implants in Future Orthodontics; Back to Basics: Tooth Movement in Orthodontics; also 14 others.

Medical Sciences