Fundamentals of Electroweak Theory

By Jiri Horejsi
April 2002
Charles University in Prague, The Karolinium Press
ISBN: 80-246-0639-9
352 pages, 7" x 9 "
$235.00 Hardcover

Contents include: Conventions and notation. Beta decay, Kinematics. Fermi theory. Generalization of Fermi theory and parity violation. the Electron energy spectrum. the e-v angular correlation. Longitudinal polarization of electrons. Neutrino helicity. the V and A coupling constants. Mean lifetime of the neutron. Universal V-A Theory. Two-component neutrino. Left-handed chiral leptons. Muon decay. Universal interaction of V-A currents. Cabibbo angle and selection rules for strangeness. Pion decays into leptons. Beta decay of charged pion. Nucleon matrix elements of the weak current. C,P, and CP. Intermediate vector boson W. Difficulties of Fermi-type theory. the Case for intermediate vector boson. Difficulties of the simple IVB model. Electromagnetic interactions of W bosons. the Case for electroweak unification. Gauge invariance and Yang-Mills field. Abelian gauge invariance. Non-Abelian gauge invariance. Electroweak unification and gauge symmetry. SU(2) x U(1) gauge theory for leptons. Charged current weak interaction, Electromagnetic interaction. Unification condition and W boson mass. Weak neutral currents. Low energy neutrino-electron scattering. Interactions of vector bosons. Cancellation of leading divergences. Higgs mechanism for masses. Residual divergences: need for scalar bosons. Goldstone model. Abelian Higgs model. Higgs mechanism for SU(2) x U(1) gauge theory. Higgs boson interactions. Yukawa couplings and lepton masses. Higgs-Yukawa mechanism and parity violation. Custodial symmetry. Non-standard Higgs multiplets. Standard model of electroweak interactions. Leptonic world - brief recapitulation. Difficulties with three quarks. Fourth quark and GIM construction. GIM construction. Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix. R-gauges. Gauge independence of scattering amplitudes. Equivalence theorem for longitudinal vector bosons. Effects of ABJ anomaly. Synopsis of the GWS standard model.


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