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Full Employment for Europe
The Commission, the Council & the Debate on
Employment in the European Parliament 1994-95

By Ken Coates & Stuart Holland
December 1995
ISBN: 0-85124-579-X
184 pages, 5 " x 8 "
$87.50 hardcover

Contents: Preface. Part I: The Agenda for the Temporary Committee on Employment. Agenda for Employment. The New Unemployment. The Thirteenth State. Part II: The Essen Summit and the Role of the European Investment Fund in Employment Generation. The Essen European Council Report. After Essen: Back to the Thirties? Exports, Efficiency, and Expenditures. The Wrong Message from Essen. The Bank, the Fund, and Unemployment. Part III: The Preparation of the Final Report of the Temporary Committee. The Feasibility of Full Employment. Squaring the Circle. Correspondence with Commissioner Bangemann. President Santer's Response. Democratizing the Debate. Part IV: The Two Reports for the Committee. Action Plan: the First Report. The Employment Committee's Final Report.