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Frontier Tests of QED and Physics of the Vacuum

Edited by E. Zavattini, D. Bakalov, and C. Rizzo
December 1998
Heron Press
ISBN: 954-580-041-0
447 pages, illustrated
$200.00 hardcover

A collection of 30 papers of prominent scientists from Europe, Russia and Japan on the frontier tests of QED and physics of the vacuum. Contents include: Vacuum Birefringence in Strong Magnetic Fields. Experiments on Photon-Photon Scattering. Muonium. Experimental Studies of Antiprotonic Helium. Highly Charged Ions and Test of QED. Relativity of Motion in Vacuum. The DEAR Case. Casimir Force in Schwarzschild Metric. Propagation of Squeezing of the Electromagnetic Field. Quantum Observables Associated with Einstein Localistion.


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