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From Colonial Expression to Export Commodity
English-Canadian Literature in Canada & Sweden 1945-1999

By Katarina Leandoer
June 2002
Uppsala University Press
ISBN: 91-554-5237-X[bookcover]
273 pages, illustrated
$51.50 paperback

This dissertation follows the trajectory of English-Canadian literature in post-WWII Canada and Sweden. Taking the 1951 publication of the Massey Report as its starting-point, this study explores a succession of events in Canada after the Second World War, which contributed to creating a fruitful environment for the development of a national literature in English Canada. The new cultural infrastructure, consisting of governmental as well as non-governmental organizations, further encouraged literary production. In addition, and partly as a consequence of the enhanced cultural and literary self-confidence, attempts were made to export this literature to the surrounding world. Examining the composition of these endeavours, this thesis furthermore investigates the reception of English-Canadian literature in one of the countries targeted, Sweden.

(Ph.D. thesis)

Studia Anglistica Upsaliensia, No. 118