First Christians in the Roman World
Augustan & New Testament Essays

By E.A. Judge
September 2008
J.C.B. Mohr
ISBN: 9783161493102
805 pages
$297.50 Hardcover

E.A. Judge's collection of Augustan and New Testament essays explores the intersection of the social practices of the first Christians in the eastern Mediterranean basin with the Roman world. In the first part of the collection, Judge examines the Augustan principate against the competitive culture of the republican noble houses. Because of the unparalleled ascendancy of the Julian house, Augustus progressively acquired an eschatological aura as a ruler. The imperial propaganda emphasized more his status than his official rank and presented him as the culmination of the famous republican houses, replenishing their leadership with new blood.

These historical studies on Augustus and his times are invaluable not only for ancient historians but also for New Testament scholars wishing to situate Paul's letters in their Julio-Claudian context. The remainder of the collection is devoted to the collisions and social perceptions that emerged as the first Christians encountered their Jewish, Roman and Greek neighbours in various situations. Tensions and misunderstandings were inevitable because of the distinctive ethos of the first believers, the 'novelty' of their beliefs and practices, and the transformative impact of the house churches upon contemporary educational ideals and social relations.

Series: Wissemschaftlich Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament No. 229

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