Faith in Jesus & Paul
A Comparison with Special Reference to
'Faith that Can Remove Mountains' &
'Your Faith Has Healed / Saved You'

By Maureen Yeung
March 2002
J.C.B. Mohr
ISBN: 3-16-147737-5
341 pages
$97.50 paper original

For the hundred years since W. Wrede (Paulus, 1904) made the provocative claim that Paul should rightly be regarded as 'the second founder of Christianity', scholars have debated vigorously on the relationship between Jesus and Paul. Past studies on the Jesus-Paul debate have largely been confined to either the literary or the theological level. This study looks at the issue afresh by combining the historical and the theological approaches. The discussion focuses on the issue of faith, paying special attention to two groups of Jesus' sayings ('Faith that can remove mountains' and 'Your Faith has healed/saved you') and Paul's use of Gen. 15:6 and Hab. 2:4. The distinctive methodology of this study is to compare Jesus and Paul against the backdrops of the Jewish biblical tradition and Hellenistic parallels. The picture of the Jesus-Paul relationship that emerges is a most complex one.

WissUNT zum Neuen Testament II, No. 147

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