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Facing Arab Women
Exploring motivational marketing research in the Arab world

Rim Atassi Fakhouri, et al.
December 1999
ISBN: 90-5350-803-1[book cover]
111 pages, illustrated
$39.50 paperback

Censydiam, the Center for Systematic Diagnostics in Marketing, has elevated motivational market research to the status of a science. They established that the same basic frame of reference is at work within every individual. This frame of reference does not divide the consumers into so many segments (or cultures) but rather gives us a picture of the different motivations that are at work in a given context such as buying behavior, whenever, and in whatever cultural environment.

Contents include:
Pan-Arabic research. The discovery of the Orient. Love-hate relations. Islamic views of depth psychology. Nature and culture. The perception of Arab society. The significance of being a woman in an Arab culture. The adaptive strategy. The balancing strategy. Mapping the image of women. How marketing can harmonize women with their environment.

Sociology; Marketing; Arab Studies