Evolution of Karst: From Prekarst to Cessation

Edited By Franci Gabrovsek
December 2002
Zalozba ZRC / ZRC Publishing
ISBN: 961-6358-63-4
448 pages, Illustrated, 6 5/8" x 9 1/2"
$110.00 Paper Original

Contents include: dissolution and porosity development in carbonates; from prekarst to cessation: complicating effects of differing lithology and geologic structure on karst evolution; speleogenesis in carbonate rocks; evolution of karst in evaporates; basic processes and mechanisms governing the evolution of karst; karstification and groundwater flow; the contact karst landscape of Salento Peninsula; the role of soil cover in the evolution of karrenfelds; development of catchment area in karst as a result of natural and anthropological factors; recession cloud as indicator of karst aquifer development; the role of endogenic processes in evolution of karst in central European Mesozoic platform.


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