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Evolution of Early Karst Aquifiers
From Simple Principles to Complex Models

By Franci Gabrovsek
December 2000
Institut za raziskovanje krasa ZRC SAZU
ISBN: 961-6358-13-8
150 pages, illustrated
$62.50 paper original

Ph.D. thesis. Karst is a typical landscape on soluble rocks with a distinctive hydrology, unique landforms and fantastic underground features which attract people to observe and study it. The longest cave systems reach beyond 500 km; the deepest approach a vertical distance of 2 km. Study of karst is not only important for its unique features, as it also has practical importance: about 25% of the world's population drinks water from karst aquifers. The aim of this work is to understand karst and its evolution, and to create an "application-oriented" model.

Earth Science; Geology