Erotopaegnion, a trifling book
of love, of Girolamo Angeriano

Edited & translated from the Latin by Allan M. Wilson
June 1995
HES & DE GRAAF Publishers
ISBN: 906004424X
466 Pages, Illustrated
$215.00 Hardcover

When the volume Poetae Tres Elegantissimi was produced at Paris in 1582, the poets included were Joannes Secundus, Michelle Marullo and Girolamo Angeriano, represented by his best-known work, the Eropaegnion, orginally published in Florence in 1512, which had come to enjoy particular popularity in France and had exercised a considerable influence on vernacular literature there. All 199 poems (with the few alternative versions) are assembled from the various sixteenth century editions in a newly edited Latin text. Each poem translated into English prose; substantial commentary. "... the translation of the poems ... is characterized by a flowing modern prose. Wilson's commentary to each poem is really invaluable as it contextualizes the poem, highlights its thematic and stylistic features and relates it, where applicable, to other sources"(Bruno Ferraro in Bibliothèque d'Humanisme et Renaissance 58, 1996).

Poetry; Latin Studies
Bibliotheca Humanistica & Reformatorica, Vol. LIII

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