Equality Lost
Essays in Torah Commentary,
Halacha, & Jewish Thought

By Yehuda Henkin
June 1999
Urim Publications
ISBN: 9657108012
189 pages, Illustrated, 5 " x 8 "
$24.00 Hardcover

In this book, Rabbi Henkin teaches how to extract the peshat in the Torah and demonstrates how to interpret Halacha in regard to women in the age of feminism, the conversion to Judaism of children in non-observant homes, and the killing of captured terrorists. Readers will immediately recognize the direct, sensible, and authentically Jewish evaluations of current phenomena such as the glatt kosher craze.

In addition, he provides fresh and unsettling insights into the reasons for the destruction of the Second Temple, the lessons to be learned there-from, and the ramifications of these lessons for the modern state of Israel. At last, a posek (a recognized expert in Jewish law) and author of three volumes of Responsa in Hebrew, has written a book in English illustrating the depth and sensitivity of Jewish law and thought in addressing crucial issues of our times.

Following in the footsteps of his grandfather, the leading posek, Rabbi Henkin fearlessly confronts modern as well as timeless questions. His original interpretations and views are solidly based upon traditional sources and the oral transmission of the true and enlightened spirit of Judaism.


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