English-Russian & Russian-English
Dictionary of Viticulture, Wine & Spirits

By A.G. Nedelko
December 2005
ISBN: 5887212470
450 pages, Illustrated, 6” x 8 ¼”
$125.00 Hardcover

The present dictionary was compiled with the aim to satisfy the growing demand in an up-to-date and user friendly dictionary of words and terms relating to grape-growing, winemaking and spirits industry. From Dublin to Stellenbosch, from Oregon to Cloudy Bay – the wine and alcohol industry is very diversified. High pace of innovation, constant growth of beverage exports/imports, globalization of the market are just some of the tendencies.

It is quite natural for a wine lover in a situation like this to have all relevant information about the origin of the product or meaning of the brand name, as well as special hints on consumption of the product. It is a matter of fact, that viticulture, wine making, production of beer, ethanol, vodka, rum, whisky, brandy, cognac and other spirits are very important for the national economies of definite countries, and belong to the largest, most dynamic and competitive industries in the world; suffice to say that 258,776,000 hectolitres of wine are produced each year globally, where Old World Wines make 73.9% or 191,123,000 hl; the total global area cultivated with vineyards is 7,779,000 ha, incl. Old World – 64.6%.

About 24,000 Terms

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