English-Serbian & Serbian-English
Dictionary & Grammar

By Zdravko Ignjatic, et al.
August 2002
Izdavac Institut Za Strane Jezike
ISBN: 86-7147-054-7
1324 pages, 5 3/4" x 8"
$149.00 hardcover


The need for an up-to-date bilingual English-Serbian and in particular Serbian-English dictionary has long since been obvious. The Institute for Foreign Languages from Belgrade has undertaken to compile both these dictionaries including abridged grammars. The dictionary was initially planned to be a pocket-sized edition, but during compilation the idea to enlarge it to an average-size dictionary has crystallized.

The dictionary is meant to be of use for native speakers of Serbian and English languages, as well as for all those who have a good command of one of these languages. With some 80,000 words/entries in both directions, as well as with the depth of entries, illustrative examples and collocations, the authors hope to achieved the set task.


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