Education for Peace

Edited By Robert A. Hinde & Donald A. Parry
ISBN: 0-85124-513-7
104 p.
$23.50 Paper Original

To achieve world peace it is necessary not only to resolve current disputes, but also to create a situation in which disputes do not arise. For this to happen, education must play a central role.

It has to encompass the issues of competition and co-operation between individuals, groups and nations; the nature of peace and war and a proper understanding of history; the interdependence of nations; respect for diversity; human rights and freedoms.

We need to create environments conducive to the development in individuals of positive values and attitudes towards these issues. We have to look at the various ways in which adult opinion is formed or modified, but above all we need to be concerned with the early and formative years of a child's upbringing, both the individual experience in the home and the institutionalized experience of school education.

The distinguished contributors to this volume focus attention on these issues from the perspective of a variety of complementary disciplines.

Political Science

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