Early Minoan Tombs of
Lebena, Southern Crete
Studies in Mediterranean
Archaeology Vol. XXX

By Stylianos Alexiou & Peter Warren
August 2004
Paul Astroms Forlag
ISBN: 9170811261
440 pages, Illustrated, 8 " x 11 "
$299.50 Paper Original

Contents include: PART I, The Tombs and the Excavations: Tomb I (Papoura), Compartments East of Tomb I, The Minoan Settlement, Tomb II (Gerokampos), Tomb III (Zervou), PART II, The Contents of the Tombs: Tomb I (Papoura), The Entrance Passage, Compartments East of Tomb I, Papoura after the Period of the Tombs, Tomb II (Gerokampos), The Entrance to the Passage, Room A, Room M, Rooms East of M, Room AN, Room Delta, Room East of Delta, The Sequential Development of the Gerokampos Tombs, Tomb III, Conclusions.


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