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Dynamics of European Nuclear Disarmament

By Alva Myrdal et al.
December 1981
Spokesman Books
ISBN: 0-85124-320-7
306 pages[cover]
$49.50 hardcover

This book, written in 1981, offers a unique contextual perspective on the nuclear arms race. It is organized into three parts: The Arms Race in Context, European Under Threat: The Seeds of Resistance, and Détente and European Nuclear Disarmament.

Foreword. Glossary. Introduction. The Nuclear Era: its history; its implications. European security in the eighties. The evolution of NATO's decision to 'modernize' theatre nuclear weapons. After the thirty minute war. The Russians aren't coming. Common resistance to the common threat. The Netherlands against nuclear weapons. Euro-communisms and the bomb. Ridding Europe of nuclear weapons. What kind of defense should we have? The Nordic region in the world military order. Restoring détente. Dynamics of European nuclear disarmament. Conclusion.

International Politics; History