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The Diaries of Rabbi Ha'im Yosef David Azulai

The Good Journey, Part I

By Ha'im Yosef David Azulai
Translated from the Hebrew and annotated by Benjamin Cymerman
August 1997
Bnei Issakkar Institute & Urim Publications
ISBN: 965-488-001-6
360 Pages, Illustrated
$37.50 hardcover set

In the 18th Century, Rabbi Azulai was recognized as one of the world's leading scholars of the Torah and published more than 100 works. His diaries cover his full life, as Rav of Cairo, a student in Hebron, his two great European journeys, and much more, including humor, pathos, and adventure (captured by pirates, a full scale way, and his meeting King Louis XVI of France. This translation remains faithful to the original; however difficult passages have been made more readable.

Religious History; Judaism