Development & Potentials of
Ecotourism on Balkan Peninsula
[3 Volume Set]

Edited By Marina Todorovic
December 2003
The Serbian Academy of Sciences & Arts
ISBN: 8680029238
471 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$270.00 Paper Original

Contents include: Regional park Balkan - a future project in Europe: ecotourism as its pioneer, The theoretical and practical grounds of the ecotourism, The situation and perspective of the high mountain tourism on the Balkan peninsula, Ecotourism in Djerdap area of Carpathian region, Ecotourism-basis of demographic development of rural settlements on branch C of Pan-European corridor 10, Mountains of the Nisava river system as a basis for the development of mountain and ecotourism along the corridor 10, Natural potentials of Vlasina lake as a base of ecotourism development, Eco-tourism development opportunities in protected natural areas - a case study of the "carska bara," Natural potentials of tourist-recreative region of stara planina, Ecotourism and complementary activities as a possibility of including in the development process,

The potentials of Gradac river as an Ecotouristic challenge, Some aspects of the mountains tourist potential in Bulgaria, Behavior of tourist consumers and the eco-marketing strategy, The production of healthy food as a factor for ecotourism development in the republic of Macedonia, Geotourist values of Albanian Alps, Ecotourism development as a tool for repositioning of Serbia as a tourist destination, Indicators of sustainable development of tourism, Suitability and education of the population for incoming tourism, Geoheritage protection for the purpose of tourism development, Geoheritage of eastern Serbia in Tourism, The mountain cer - its state, protection, and ecotourism development possibilities, Some chemical characteristics of Karst waters in eastern Serbia in the Function of Tourism development, Cave orlovaca tourist valuation,

The situation and possibilities of speleotourism in Serbia, Tourist potentials of Suva Planina Mountain, Ecotourism in Villages (in mountains), as a program element for upgrading of life in Stara Planina Mountain, Climate and vegetation characteristics of the Kopaonik mountain and ecotourism, Determination of ecological consequences of tourist activities in protected areas, Environmental condition changes of ADA Ciganlija and improvement based on the sustainable development, A theoretical model of system criteria for sustainable management of recreational resources, Application of tourism propaganda tools in protected nature of properties, the Balkan tourist products, Management and practical responsibility in ecotourism development, Sustainable development of the Bulgaria-Serbia border mountain region, the Role of GIS in presentation of climatological elements essential for the development of eco-tourism, Preservation of geology inheritance: how to take geo-heritage to the people,

The protected areas of Russia as part of the world ecotourism system, Influence of current change of climate and weather on development of ecological tourism in the European territory of Russia, Affirmation of ecotourism in the republic of Macedonia through different promotional forms, Regional aspect of the economic development and the place of tourism within, Eco-tourism perspectives in the context of demographic potentials, The development of hydrographic potentials of Valjevo mountains for the need of tourism and for the purpose of natural environment, Ecotourism development possibilities in Danube Basin in area of Belgrade, The cave Puralo as possibility for Eco-speleological tourism development, Stara planina mountain geo-path project for development of tourism, Ecotourism in the area of wetland ecosystem bardaca, The development potentials of eco-tourism of the Serbian region Posavina, Youth Education in the fields of taking care and promoting of natural values, Prospects of development of Ecological tourism for the Leningrad area and St. Petersburg.

Ecology; Tourism

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