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Defending Malaysia
Facing the 21st Century

By Mohamad Najib Abdul Razak
December 2001
ASEAN Academic Press
ISBN: 1-901919-36-6
104 pages, 5 3/4" x 8 3/4"
$62.50 Hardcover

The end of the cold war was both abrupt and dramatic. Since then, the world has been in a state of flux. In Asia, old wounds that were once aside are now finding expression in various forms. From great power rivalries to territorial disputes, regional countries are now being confronted with grave challenges. This is being compounded by domestic instability that appears to rear its ugly head. Nation-states are being threatened in many parts of the world. Malaysia has been able to sustain political and economic stability, achieving growth and prosperity. This is being achieved through prudent policies predicated on the creation of an equitable society. This is Malaysia's guiding philosophy. Malaysia has also managed its security environment well, continuing to face the emerging challenges of the 21st century. Based on a collection of selected speeches, this book covers both domestic and international issues that have ramifications on policy formulation.