Dealing with Integration
Perspectives from Seminars
on European Law 1995-1996

Edited by Iain Cameron and Alessandro Simoni
June 1996
Iustus Förlag
ISBN: 91-7678-333-2
185 pages
$67.50 hardcover

The essays in this volume develop topics discussed during a series of seminars held at the Uppsala Faculty of Law between October 1995 and May 1996. The idea behind the seminar series was to give Uppsala faculty members, through direct contact with a number of external researchers with special competence, different "keys" for understanding the changes being brought about in the Swedish legal system as a result of its contacts with EC law.

The essays range from analyses of a methodological or otherwise "macro" character, such as the issue of the elaboration of general principles of European private law, to detailed treatments of specific problems, such as the requirements EC law places as regards judicial review on the Swedish system of administrative decision-making. The essays are thus of interest to both academics interested in the law of European integration and practitioners concerned with the specific problems of EC law at the national level.

Skrifter Från Juridiska Fakulteten I Uppsala 52

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