Daily English & Malay Conversations
A Useful Guide for Beginners & Travellers
Language in Use
[English & Malay]

Edited by E.M.K. Munshi
ISBN: 9789833559206
November 2012
Distributed by Coronet Books
161 pages
$24.95 Paper original

Daily English & Malay Conversation is for the absolute beginner who needs instant refereence to the Malay language. The vocabulary presented in this book is appropriate for daily use. Common everyday situations are arranged into topics, making this book a handy reference for a variety of situations. Each topic has two sections "Useful Words" and "Useful Sentences", which provide the reader with an easy and user friendly approach to finding the right word. In the first section, words that relate to the situations are introduced. The second section follows with appropriate sentences for the relevant topic. This book is a practical and quick reference for beginners and travellers.

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