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Distribution & Phytocoenology of Selected
Woody Species of North Korea (D.P.R.K.)

By Jiri Kolbek, Miroslav Kucera, Ivan Jarolimek & Milan Valachovic
Illustrated by M. Kucera
Photographs by J. Kolbek, I. Jarolimek, M. Valachovik
December 2001
Institute of Botany / Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
ISBN: 80-86188-10-8
341 pages, illustrated
$96.00 paper original

This book consists of 398 woody species, most of which are characterized on one page, ordered alphabetically. The description includes Latin name, morphology, ecology, distribution, distribution map, founded coenology, altitudinal range and distribution in mountain ranges, pen and ink drawings. The woody flora of North Korea is too species-rich to be presented in its entirety, but the book does present a good selection of trees and shrubs. Contents: Introduction. Relation to vegetation types. Abbreviations. List of plant associations and communities used in the text. List of species. Other species. Conclusion. References. Color photos (48 total).