Diminished Responsibility
With Special Reference to Singapore

By Kok L. Peng et al.
Aug. 1990
Singapore University Press
ISBN: 9971-69-138-8
340 p.
$46.50 Paper Original


This book is primarily designed as a sourcebook for lawyers and psychiatrists who are interested or involved in the subject of diminished responsibility. It is an attempt to convey a general picture of the concept which shows how it has been interpreted by the courts and expert witnesses.

The book begins with an overview and analysis of the concept of diminished responsibility and a general introduction of where law and approach of describing and discussing basic principles in relation ot the various aspects of "abnormality of mind" as envisaged under the definition of diminished responsibility, before passing to a study of actual cases.

The final chapter is an attempt to deal with and confront what are percieved to be the potentially problematical issues (recommending proposals wherever feasible) in which the complex relationship between law and psychaitry is presently concerned in interpreting diminished responsibility.

The authors have tried in this book to avoid involvement in philosophical and moral debates, but still present adequately the ethical dimensions and implications of the problem. Essentially, they have concentrated on what the law is as expressed through decided cases and writings on this topic.

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