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Democracy & Deep-Rooted Conflict
Options for Negotiators

Edited by Peter Harris & Ben Reilly
Foreword by Kofi Annan
March 1998
International IDEA
ISBN: 91-89098-22-6
414 Pages, Illustrated
$57.50 Paper Original

Aimed at those negotiating a peace settlement, this handbook provides a thorough overview of democratic levers - such as power-sharing formulas, questions of federalism and autonomy, options for electoral reform, when to use truth commissions, transitional justice mechanisms, methods of preserving minority rights, constitutional safeguards and many others. The book analyses actual negotiated settlements from places like Bosnia, Fiji, Northern Ireland, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea and South Africa. It illustrates the many, often unrecognized, options that negotiators can draw upon when attempting to build or rebuild democracy.

Political Science
Series: Handbook Series 3