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Cross-Cultural Window on Consumer Behavior

By Jan Callebaut et al.
December 2000
ISBN: 90-5350-960-7[book cover]
197 pages, illustrated
$51.00 paperback

A cross-cultural window, a dialog box. Insight and self-knowledge: an incestuous relationship. Understanding man in a specific culture: a company. Advertising in the Rainbow Nation. The new parenthood movement. Walking under ladders and spilling salt: Superstition and popular belief. The rationale of the imagination: On market research in Latin America. Sorrow on the field and in the field. The Dutch and the Flemish: Speaking the same language, yet in different tongues. Global or local marketing: Ask the children. Italy: The appeal of the 'Mediterranean ways'. Children's own logic: Learning to think like a child. The world of the musicians: Roles and patterns in a closed culture. Crisis management or motherly care for and by companies. Reshaping the supermarket based on understanding the consumer as a provider. Old poachers make the best keepers, or: Researching market researchers. The sex of the world in the third millennium.

Business; Marketing