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Contemporary American Society, 4th Edition

By David Nye
December 2001
Akademisk Forlag / Almqvist & Wiksell International
ISBN: 87-500-3629-7
239 pages, illustrated
$104.00 paperback

New edition now available. See A-Z listing.

This new fourth edition of Contemporary American Society is an up-to-date survey of the United States. The new edition includes the controversial 2000 election, the radically revised welfare system, the federal budget surplus, the prospects for the nation in the new millennium, and a guide to Internet resources. Written expressly for Europeans, Contemporary American Society has been used as a textbook at universities throughout Scandinavia. Many general readers and travelers have also used it as an introduction. It puts current events into a larger framework, sketching in the historical background to contemporary political life, the economy, the class system, race and gender, the media, the welfare system, religion, education and social values. This book is the ideal short guide to the United State, for anyone who wishes to understand the problems and prospects of the USA at the end of its century of global dominance.

America; American History