Consolidating Legal Reform
in Central & Eastern Europe

An Anthology

Edited By Anders Fogelklou & Fredrik Sterzel
December 2003
Iustus Forlag
ISBN: 91-87582-18-X
322 pages, 6 " x 9 "
$97.50 Paper Original

Fundamental legal changes have occurred in post-Communist countries after 1989. This period of legal transition is now approaching its end. This book is an attempt to give an overview of the legal transformation that has taken place in Central and Eastern Europe. The book describes changes in the legal systems of all future members of the European Union from Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, the problems of legal transition in the Russian Federation are also treated in this book. While emphasis is focused on the constitutional conditions for the emergence of the rule of law in Central and Eastern Europe, other aspects of the law have also been discussed.

International Law
Rattsfondens Skriftserie No. 37

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