Case of Nikolai Bukharin
Reclaiming the Economy

By Ken Coates
December 1978
ISBN: 0-85124-240-5
104 pages, Illustrated, 5" x 7 "
$26.50 hardcover

At the end of the 1970s, a remarkable international campaign was developing strength, on behalf of a man executed more than 40 years ago, in 1938. Nikolai Bukharin, colleague and pupil of Lenin, editor of Isvestia, head of the Communist International and distinguished Marxist scholar, was shot after he had been compelled to confess to conspiring with Trotsky and others to bring about the downfall of the Revolution in which he had been so colorful a figure.

Bukharin and his colleagues were the victims of the most cynical frame-up of the century. This book, written during the Cold War, shows how the basis of the indictment against Bukharin completely crumbled away, though the Soviet authorities refused to permit the reopening of the case.

The evidence presented includes important documents on the struggle of the Bukharin family for the good name of their most famous relative. At the same time, Ken Coates shows that the Bukharin case still had profound political implications for both the former USSR and the world-wide socialist movement.

Politics; History

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