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Carrier Transport in Azomethine Oligomers
Grown by Multiple Self-Assembly

By Hans Rosink
December 2000
Delft University Press
ISBN: 90-407-2101-7
134 pages, illustrated
$54.00 paper original


This Ph.D. thesis investigates the growth and electrical transport characteristics of self-assembled p-conjugated oligomers on gold are investigated. The approach has been tailored such as to approximate most closely the situation of carrier transport through a single well-defined molecular chain. Contents include: Concepts of charge transport in conjugated molecules. Molecular layer deposition of azomethine films on gold. Surface analysis of thin organic films on epitaxial gold substrates. Self-assembly of -conjugated azomethine oligomers by sequential deposition of monomers from solution. Tunneling spectroscopy and modeling of electron transport in small conjugated azomethine molecules. Scanning tunneling spectroscopy on -conjugated phenyl-based oligmers: A simple physical model.