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Carabidae of Switzerland
Checklist 2001

By Werner Marggi and Henryk Luka
December 2001
Institut für Natur-, Landschafts- und Umweltzhutz (NLU)
ISBN: 3-85977-056-X
37 pages, illustrated
$39.50 paper original

In this article, an updated list of all currently known ground beetles in Switzerland is presented, using the latest nomenclature and including the most important synonyms. The distribution is given with respect to the six biogeographical regions of Switzerland. All taxa are coded according to data bank entry numbers of the Swiss Center of Cartography of the Fauna to enable data storage and processing. Four species are recorded for the first time.

In German, with English and French summaries.

Opuscula Biogeographica Basileensia, No. 1 | 2001