Cromwell & Communism
Socialism & Democracy in the Great English Revolution

By Eduard Bernstein; translated from the German by H.J. Stenning
December 2000; Reprint of the 1930 edition
ISBN: 0-85124-630-3
287 Pages
$38.50 paper original

This is a reprint of the 1930 edition of the work. Topics include English Economic & Social Development; Utopia of Lord Bacon; Charles I. Parliament & the Monarchy. National Army. The Levellers. Atheism and Communism in the Levellers' Movement. Communistic Utopia of G. Winstanley. Levellers' Revolt in the Army. Religious Offshoots of the Popular Democratic Movement. 17th Century Political Philosophies of Hobbes & Harrington. The Quakers in the 17th Century. John Bellers: Champion of a League of Nations. Conclusions.

History; Politics

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