Constitutionalism in Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania
A Study in Comparative Constitutional Law

By Caroline Taube
December 2001
Iustus Forlag
ISBN: 91-7678-461-4
322 pages, 6" x 8 3/4"
$99.50 hardcover

Constitutionalism embraces hierarchy of legal norms, protection of constitutional rights and freedoms, and means of enforcement of the constitution among which judicial review is one example. The new constitutional order of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania is the topic of this book. These states are often treated as a single unit, but they have many differences in their constitutions and choice of institutions. What are the sources of inspiration for the present constitutions? How do the new constitutions penetrate the political and legal system? After a brief description of the constitutional order of each state, a comparison of the constitutions is carried out from the three criteria of constitutional drafting and constitutional choices completes the book.

International Law
Skrifter Fran Juridiska Fakulteten Uppsala No. 86

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