CMOS-Based Integrated Wavefront Sensor

By Davies de Lima Monteiro
December 2002
Delft University Press
ISBN: 90-407-2344-3
212 pages, Illustrated, 6 x 9 "
$74.00 paper original


Over the years, optical profile tests have evolved from work of craftsmen to systematic test procedures that can analyze profiles ranging from those of components in the micrometric scale to those of components which are several meters large. There is an increasing demand for three test features, namely accuracy, real-time capability and low cost. This book addresses the design, implementation and performance of an integrated Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor suitable for real-time operation and compatible with standard CMOS technology. In addition to its usage as a diagnostic tool, the sensor can be coupled to a deformable mirror in a closed-loop adaptive optical system.


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