Civilizations of Nomadic &
Sedentary Peoples of Central Asia
[In English & Russian]

Edited By Kadicha Tashbaeva
December 2005
International Institute for Central Asian Studies
ISBN: 9967228687
326 pages, Illustrated, 8” x 11 ½”
$165.00 Paper Original


In 2002, the International Institute for Central Asian Studies (IICAS) held its first academic conference “The Civilizations of Central Asia: Nomadic and Sedentary People. Traditions and the Present,” which took place in Samarkand on 25-28 September. Among the participants were historians, orientologists, archaeologists, ethnographers, art critics, and others, whose interests were directly linked to the issues of the history and culture of Central Asian people.

The topic of the conference was by no means chosen at random. As the result of deep symbiosis of nomadic and sedentary civilizations, Central Asian people have created its unique material and spiritual culture, and thereby contributed to the cultural heritage of the world civilization. It will suffice to say mention their significant role in the establishment and development of the Great Silk Road, a great part of which crossed Central Asia. International programs, explorations and expeditions carried out under the auspices of the UNESCO, enabled scholars to revisit the great part performed by the people of Central Asia in the history of the Eurasian continent.


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