Civil Procedure in Sweden

By Bengt Lindell
April 2004
Iustus Forlag
ISBN: 91-7678-551-3
259 pages, 6 " x 9 "
$95.00 Hardcover

This book describes the main features of judicial organization, the rules governing the jurisdiction of the courts, actions and claims, the actual court proceedings, incidents (e.g. postponement of the main hearing and substitution of parties) legal aid and legal costs, the rules of evidence, special procedures, the principles governing preliminary seizure and the enforcement of judgments. In addition it contains a section about national arbitration. Bengt Lindell is a professor of Civil and Criminal Procedure at the Faculty of Law, Uppsala University.

Contents include: Sweden - a General Background, Definition of the term 'Civil Procedure,' Sources of Civil Procedure Law, General Features of the Administration of Justice in Civil Matters, The Courts and their Members, The Bar, The Enforcement Service, Domestic Jurisdiction, International Jurisdiction, Actions, Claims and Defenses, Sanctions Applicable to Procedural Irregularities, Proceedings in First Instance, Review Proceedings, Intervention, Withdrawal of an Action, Withdrawal of a Consent, Postponement of the Main Hearing, Substitution of Parties, Legal Aid, Legal Costs, The Objects of Proof, Circumstances Which Make Proof-Taking Unnecessary, The Burden of Alleging Legal Facts and the Burden of Proof, Administration of Evidence, Evaluation of Evidence, Summary Proceedings, Family Law Cases, Court Matters, Bankruptcy Proceedings, Preliminary Seizure, Enforcement of Judgments, Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments, The Arbitration Agreement, The Arbitrators and their Appointment, The Procedure, The Arbitration Award, Void and Challengeable Awards, The Costs of Arbitration, Forum and Time Limits, International Matters, Recognition and Enforcement of an Arbitration Award, Expediated Arbitration.


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