Chronicles: News of the Past
4th Edition
[3 Volume Set]

Volume 1: In the Days of the Bible
(From Abraham to Ezra, 1726-444 BCE)
Volume 2: The Second Temple, Dispersion, Rise of Christianity
(From 165 BCE to 1038 CE)
Volume 3: The Dawn of Redemption
(From the Crusades to Herzl’s Vision of the Jewish State, 1099-1897)

By Edited By Israel Eldad & Moshe Aumann
June 2004
Lambda Publishers Inc.
ISBN: 9657108152
296 pages, Illustrated, 9 ¾” x 13 ½”
$60.00 Hardcover (Slipcase)

This is the story of the Bible, set against the background of the Ancient World, and uniquely retold – in the form of a modern daily newspaper.

Religion; Judaism

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