Ceramics in Context
Proceedings of the Internordic Colloquium on
Ancient Pottery held at Stockholm, 13-15 June 1997

Edited by Charlotte Scheffer
December 2001
Almqvist and Wiksell International
ISBN: 91-22-01913-8
170 pages, illustrated
$62.50 hardcover

17 papers included, such as: Greek pottery and Greek identity. The distribution of West Slope Ware. Small Corinthian oil-containers: evidence of the Archaic perfume trade? Miniature pottery and the question of domestic cult in Lucania. Altars on Greek vases: the identification of bomos and eschara. A goddess mounting a chariot on a black-figured lekythoi. Ancient perception of time in metamorphosis scenes on Greek vases.

Stockholm Studies in Classical Archaeology, No. 12

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