An Annotated edition of the First
Dutch Translation (Antwerp, 1550)
[In English & Dutch]

Edited Lieve Behiels & Kathleen V. Kish
December 2005
Leuven University Press
ISBN: 9058674231
413 pages, 6 ¾” x 9 ¾”
$75.00 Paper Original

The first edition of Celestina, the Spanish classic attributed to Fernando de Rojas, appeared in 1499 and was followed by an expanded version in 1502. The work underwent numerous reprintings during the sixteenth century and was soon translated into the most important European languages, including Dutch.

As the first European bestseller, Celestina is an excellent example of the cosmopolitan character of Renaissance culture. Recently, Celestina’s international diffusion has become a distinctive branch of research on Spanish literary history. Its early translations – into Italian, German, French, and English – have been available for some time in modern editions.

This edition of the sole surviving copy of the first Dutch translation, which is housed in the University of Leiden library, now joins the chain of Celestina’s descendents. The Dutch translation (1550) was reissued three times in Antwerp, the last time in 1616. This volume consists of an introduction; an annotated edition of the 1550 Dutch translation, highlighting the significant differences between the translation and its source; and a glossary to help the modern Dutch reader to enjoy the text.


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