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Cave Rocky Relief and its Speleogenetical Significance

By Tadej Slabe
December 1995
Znanstvenoraziskovalni Center SAZU
ISBN: 961-6182-03-X
128 pages, illustrated; 8.25" x 11.75"
$62.00 paper original

Contents include: Objectives and scope of rocky relief studies. Factors, conditions and processes of rocky feature formation. Rocky features due to turbulent water flow. Hydraulic bases. Scallops and flutes. Floor channels. Along sediments cave rocky features. Rocky features due to trickling and dropping of water. Below-ice rocky features. Biogene rock features. Rocky features due to rock disintegration. The formation of rocky perimeter due to condensation moisture. Rocky relief as a sign of characteristic formation of the caves. Rocky relief as evidence of karst caves development. Conclusion. References. List of illustrations. Abstract.

Zbirka ZRC, No. 10