Case Against War, 2nd Ed.
The Essential Legal Inquiries, Opinions
& Judgments Concerning War In Iraq

Edited By George Farebrother & Nicholas Kollerstrom
November 2004
ISBN: 0851246923
286 pages, 5 " x 8 "
$29.50 Paper Original

This book includes the entire proceedings of a citizens' tribunal held in October 2002 in London on the legality of then impending war on Iraq. Further materials from 2003, as the war unfolded, have been added, together with the full documentation of the legal challenge to the British Government's decision to use armed force which was mounted by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. This book provides the most comprehensive collection of legal opinion on Britain's participation in the war on Iraq.

Contents include: A Citizen's Inquiry concerning the legality of a prospective use of force by the United Kingdom against Iraq (11 October 2002), CND legal challenge to the government: in the matter of the potential use of armed force by the United Kingdom against Iraq and in the matter of reliance for that use of force on United Nations Security Council Resolution 1441, The BBC's Shadow "Judicial Review" by the "Today" Programme, Lead-up to Hostilities, Aftermath, Appendix: Notice to Her Majesty's Government regarding War Crimes, Appendix II: Some Security Council Resolutions cited in the Text.


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