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The Butterflies of Turkmenistan

By Vadim V. Tshikolovets
November 1998
Published by the author
ISBN: 966-02-0511-2
237 pages, illustrated; 8.5" x 12"
$211.50 hardcover

This is the first illustrated guide to the butterfly fauna of Turkmenistan, a country situated in the eastern part of the Mediterranean subregion of the Palaearctic and including diverse faunistic associations. The book contains information on distribution (a great body of information is published for the first time), imago flight period, a complete synonymy, data on the type material for 173 species and more than 250 species group taxa; for each species a distribution maps is given, all species (except of few rarest in Turkmenistan) are figured on the colour plates (upper and under side, 1053 figures in total). Furthermore, there are 10 plates of genitalia and some landscapes of Turkmenistan are figured on the dust jacket. The bibliography section consists of 294 entries.

The Butterflies of Palaearctic Asia I