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Biodiversity & Ecological Status Along
the Northern Coast of the Sea of Okhotsk
A Collection of Study Reports

Edited by A.V. Andreev and H.-H. Bergmann
December 2001
Russian Academy of Sciences (Far Eastern Branch) / Dalnauka
ISBN: 5-8044-0101-7
203 pages, illustrated
$84.00 paper original

This book contains the results of several international expeditions carried out from 1994 to 1997 in remote and still insufficiently studied areas along the northern coasts of the Sea of Okhotsk. These reports cover various aspects of the biodiversity, unique local nature and ecological status of different taxa. The inventories provide check lists of the plants, marine invertebrates, sea fish and bird fauna of the over 400km of coastline stretching between Tauisk and Malkachan, with an emphasis on many unique biogeographical features of this region. The ecological articles mostly focus on different aspects of species biology, many of which are either new to science or relatively unknown.

[In English, with German and Russian abstracts.]

Environmental Science; Biology