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Labour's High Tide

By Mark Jenkins
December 1979
Spokesman Books
ISBN: 0-85124-273-1
323 pages[cover]
$49.50 hardcover

This book is a closely researched, tightly argued piece of contemporary history, based almost entirely upon original source material, interviews with former Bevanite activists and leading personalities. The internal politics of Labour in the forties and fifties is explained in the living context of worldwide struggles and the relations between the Great Powers. Mark Jenkins shows quite conclusively that the Bevanite movement put down extensive roots into a very wide cross-section of labor organisations. The author traces the origins of Bevanism during the onset of the Cold War; outlines the characteristics of Bevanite 'programme'; analyzes in detail the simple but effective Bevanite organization; chronicles the relentless persecution of the left in the McCarthy period; lays bare the stages in the decline of Bevanism and the reasons for the traumatic 'defection' of Aneurin Bevan at the Brighton conference of 1957.

About the author:
Mark Jenkins, currently a member of the Labour Party, has been involved in a variety of socialist organizations since he was 14 years old. He teaches economics and politics at the South Thames College. He is married, and has two daughters.

Industrial Relations; History