Butterflies of the World, Part 20
Nymphalidae IX, Amathusiini of the Philippine Islands

By Heinz Schroeder & Colin Treadaway
December 2005
Goecke & Evers
ISBN: 3937783067
33 pages, Illustrated, 9 ½” x 13 ½”
$72.50 Paper Original

The tribe Amathusiini is represented in the tropical Indo-Australian region by approximately 80 species. From the Philippines there are 6 genera with in total 15 species and 43 subspecies from which 7 species are endemic to the Philippine Archipelago.

The males of the usually sturdily built Amathusiini are distinguished by the development of clearly marked sexual characteristics, while both sexes have normally on the hindwing underside two obvious submarginal ocelli, one in cell R5 and one in cell CuA1.

These butterflies live almost without exception at the edge or in the shade of thick forrest, where they fly preferably early in the morning and hten again are active from late afternoon until twilight. The young larvae usually live gregariously, their food plants are solely monocotyledons.


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